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As long as you have a dream, life everywhere is the starting point -- song Huai Steel


Song Huai Steel: life is endless, like the starting point and end point on the runway, is always connected. The beginning is to life what the source is to the long river, and the bud to the tree. Although there is only one river, although there is only one tree, but the source, the bud is a lot of, the so-called "thousands of streams into a river, thousands of buds full of trees.". There is only one end of life, but there are many ways to start life. Go from any one of the correct starting point, are likely to get out of a bright dense willow trees and bright flowers, Avenue, to the success of the vertex.

But in real life, a lot of people in the middle, that life to a foregone conclusion that the moment of success has been successful, success will never succeed, that they have no power to peak, climb up, some people because of the failure to Yijuebuzhen. In short, each of the reasons. But as long as you have a pill that song Huaigang dream, what time will the night.


When you have this attitude, you need to see the scenery in the journey of life, not always in one direction, a goal, a new starting point may occur at any time, sometimes, the fate of life is not the people's will, not because of a road blocked, and sink, abandon unable to get up after a fall.

Every day, we are welcome new beginning, life is everywhere starting point, but also everywhere is the end. Wandering petals, bid farewell to the gorgeous summer, but ushered in the fruits of autumn. When the East wants it, it is the beginning of today and the destination of yesterday. Even every minute, will be a new starting point of life, I need you to meet the extremely warm, it is also an end point past, I need you have waved goodbye.

When your boat of life enters muddy mire, you should encourage yourself: the starting point of misery is adjacent to the road to success. When you pick yourself up, ears to hear from the heart that is a sign of your horn, suffering will soon be over, blue sea and clear sky will return to your sight. Success is calling you, always accompany you song Huaigang pill.


When your life is a deep blue spacecraft flew to the space, you should also tell myself: fly away from the moment of space, you will no longer have the aura of success, in front of you is a newer, higher starting point. Nobody can ever wallow in the river of success. You should be aware that you still have to keep moving forward.

Life is already spinning in the whirlpool of the beginning and the end. Most of the time, success or failure is only a life in the necessary post, we cannot climax too excited, not because of too low and decadent, for life as a starting point and end point are to maintain a good sense of balance is a magic weapon of wisdom of life.

Life is short, we can not extend the length of life, but it can broaden the width of life, we want to make a short life like a meteor across the sky left shining, life on the road is bumpy, but never despair, fear not life confused, should not worry failure, because of the way on foot fall, stand up. As long as no admit defeat, believe in yourself, everywhere is a turning point, perhaps the corner is success.

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