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Effect of shot blasting strength of steel


The steel grit blasting machine to continuous impact on the workpiece in the blasting process, the workpiece to remove the oxide skin, casting sand, rust, steel grit in the workpiece itself at the same time, steel grit should also have excellent impact toughness. That is to say the ability of material to steel grit impact load resistance strong (the ability to resist impact load of steel grit without destroying the called steel grit impact toughness). So what is the impact on the steel grit blasting strength? Here's a look:


1, the hardness of steel grit: when steel grit hardness than the hardness of parts is high, its hardness change does not affect the impact strength; when the steel grit than parts of soft, if shot hardness value decreased, the impact strength decreased.

2, shot blasting rate: rate increases, blast strength also increased, but the rate is too high, steel grit damage increased.

3, the thickness of steel grit: steel grit more against the kinetic energy is greater, the impact strength is greater, but the steel grit consumption rate decreased. Therefore, in ensuring blasting strength at the same time, should try to use small steel grit. Other, shot size is affected by the shape of the parts limit. When the groove parts, steel grit diameter should be less than half of the groove radius. Shot blasting is often used between 6~50 meshes.

4, the ejection angle shot: grit jet and vertical appearance to be sprayed, steel grit strength is the highest, therefore should be held as usual shot blasting in this form. If the shape of the parts, must use the small angle shot, steel shot and grit size should be appropriate to increase the rate of.

5, the amount of broken steel grit steel grit: kinetic energy of fragments is low, the more broken steel grit blasting, and reduce the intensity of irregular broken steel grit can scratch the part surface should therefore be removed every day to ensure complete blasting steel grit, the rate of more than 85%. Shot blasting equipment is basically the same, only need to use some auxiliary device to more strictly control the shot blasting process


The impact properties of steel grit steel is good, not like some steel grit manufacturers said steel grit high hardness steel grit on the pill is good and durable, steel grit. In fact, this view is very paranoid, because as long as the steel grit hardness, so steel grit toughness decreases, and the hardness of the steel grit blasting, in the process is easy to break, some of the workpiece is not suitable for high hardness steel grit, good toughness and suitable for steel grit.

In order to obtain ideal steel grit to steel grit hardness and impact toughness of comprehensive consideration, that is to say there is a good shot grit in hardness at the same time, to fully consider the grit in the steel subjected to impact loads, the impact resistance mainly depends on the size of the impact toughness, and small energy multiimpact conditions next, the impact resistance mainly depends on the strength and plasticity of steel grit.

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