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Don't set a small goal, to set goals, song Huai Steel


If someone asks you, is it a big goal, a good one or a small one? I believe you are the same as I was before, the first reaction must be, of course, small goals easy to achieve! But if we can carefully account. The answer may be different. The pill and your song Huaigang together to discuss.

Our goal in life is so few, kaoxue, work, marriage, children and a house, a car, economic freedom, emotion, meaning of life and so on. It's almost these big things that come to mind. Of course, the biggest goal is, what kind of person do you want to be? I suspect that people who have seriously considered this goal should be few.

What about the little goal? Just a lot of Balabala, for example, I intend to finish two articles, a list of products tomorrow, the first draft of the copy of daily exercise for 40 minutes, July go home to see their parents.... each mission is a small target to today. Often, one month down, there are still a lot of unfinished items left on the to-do list. As for why not completed, may be due to various reasons, unable to reach, and then, or postponed, or revised goals.

Of course, big goals and small goals are relative. And I want to be what kind of person this goal compared test, like work is a small target. About a few years ago, I was always thinking about a question: what kind of state would I be 10 years from now? What kind of life do you have? What kind of work are you doing? Where do you live? What kind of contact do you have every day? What are you doing every day? ....

Sometimes I discuss this topic with my friends. The other person always asks me, "are you doing well now?" Why do you want to be so far away? Who knows the future? Think about it, the reason is very simple: in fact, small target is always one by one, to solve this, the next goal in the implementation process, will encounter other problems, if you still can not solve, then followed by replacing the next target. This is the path... We often walk imperceptibly.

Now I see why the small goal is not easy to achieve. Because it was too easy to stop by difficulties. Then why did you say, "those goals, but with no reality whatever" more realistic?

If your goal is "reach the river before you", then if there is a forest in the middle that blocks your way, you can easily think that the forest is too dangerous, or do not go to the other side of the river. But what if your goal is a mountain high in the distance? Even now there are forests and rivers, you can still see the mountains. As soon as you look up, you think, "Oh, my goal is to go to that mountain.". So what can I do next to get to the foot of the mountain? Something should be done to bypass the forest. If the river is blocked, think of a way to go by ship. No boat? Then look for the bridge. No bridge? Then see if there's any other way to the other side of the hill......

Notice that, at this point, we'll think of solutions. Because we can see the distant target, not only has the direction, but also has given us a firm confidence. We can always go beyond those immediate difficulties and connect directly to major goals. When you see big goals, you will be better at discovering opportunities than finding them". This is the fundamental difference between big goals and small goals.

In fact, this is also a kind of relativity theory". The bigger the target, the smaller the problem at the moment. The smaller the target, the bigger the problem at the moment, and even the "big" can't be solved. That should be easy to understand. So, we should always keep our goals large and constant from time to time. As for those problems, it's just a small monster that needs to be solved or skipped on the way.

This can also explain why some "persistence" can not be achieved, and some "insist" is so easy. The difference is whether you believe in your goals or not. How to believe? Do you think the will is reliable or is it more reliable to see? If you haven't thought about your big goal yet, now, think about it and write it down. Write and write a big goal! Watch him all the time, fight for him till he's finished. I hope every pill Huaigang readers can achieve their goals.

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