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In the three tour song Huaigang pill


2017 has been in the past half, has been a miracle pill Huaigang song since its inception, in the first half of 2017 and reach new heights, over the completion of the first half of the plan, to reward the employees of the company's hard work, the general manager of the company Mr. Hou Zhibin led the staff to complete three days and two nights tour, held in Qingdao.

Qingdao economic and Technological Development Zone, is the forefront of reform and opening up, set up in 1984 the State Council approved 10 menstruation, is the national economic and Technological Development Zone following the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the 14 coastal city in the first set, Qingdao Development Zone area is provided with a national economic and Technological Development Zone, a country of Qingdao West Coast National Export Processing Zone, bonded zone and bonded logistics park of national new technology industry development zone (Qingdao), Zhushan provincial tourism resort, home electronics industrial park and Phoenix Island National Forest Park.


The first day, all the members of the song Huaigang pill departure from Ji'nan, arrived at the first destination in Qingdao City, Huangdao Economic Development Zone, here we have a taste of "the first Asian Beach" said Jinshatan, Jinshatan magnificent, majestic and grand, in Jinshatan, such as the Jinshatan gold shop to the horizon, such as silver wave tours a kiss in Jinshatan, listening to the sea weave Symphony sound ear, the whole people are intoxicated in the fairyland in the world. Jinshatan is Qingdao's most beautiful beaches and waves, on the east side of Jinshatan mountain, let the horn type open from a strong breeze blowing off here in the yellow sea waves always in knots Chung Shanghai 3 kilometers long, so the beach is particularly spectacular, here we appreciate the fine soft sand, feeling the sea breeze blowing, as if out of. Playing in here.


The second day early in the morning, riding the bus to downtown Qingdao to the first station, Zhanqiao in Qingdao, it has a history of more than 100 years, was founded in eighteen years Guangxu (1892 1892), the Qing government sent Dengzhou Zong Bing Zhang Gaoyuan took four battalion of soldiers stationed in Qingdao, in order to facilitate team supplies transportation, construction the two terminal block, one of them is the Zhanqiao, completed in 1893, 200 meters long, 10 meters wide, stone base ash surface, on both sides of the bridge with iron railings. Now after several rehabilitation and reconstruction, the bridge length 401.45 meters, the bridge is 236.1 meters long, 149.7 meters bridge, back to the world court triangle bridge 15.65 meters long. The octagonal pavilion double eaves of the southern end of Zhanqiao - "back to the world court", covered with yellow glazed tile roof of the pavilion, there are 24 circular columns around the pavilion, pavilion covers an area of 151 square meters, total construction area of 340 square meters, in the pavilion for the two layers of annular Pavilion Hall, there are 34 levels of the central spiral staircase, the castle overlooking Qianhai panoramic view of Qingdao, is one of the ten "flying back to the world court".

Then the team came to the Olympic Sailing Center, enjoy the Olympic sailing venue of the spectacular, because of the urgency of time, stay in this and then turned to dare, to enjoy the "sea first mountain" reputation of Laoshan, there is an old saying: "although Taishan cloud, as the East China Sea laoshan. The highest peak of Laoshan called Jufeng, also called Laoshan, located in north latitude 36 degrees east longitude 120 degrees 10 ', 37', 1132.7 meters above sea level, the peak area of about 1.5 square kilometers, the main peak of Laoshan. After more than 40 minutes, all the personnel reached the summit and photographed at the summit.


When the sky has been inundated with rain, for safety reasons, drive down the mountain before the big rain, riding the bus back to the residence, eat local seafood at night, after a day of travel, third days, second days due to mountain climbing, some of my colleagues are too tired, that day is free, some really tired sleep some late, and full of go to the beach, lunch at noon, starting from Qingdao to return, three days and two nights Qingdao tour ends, between colleagues during the trip enjoyable, the atmosphere is very harmonious, this trip is to ease the work pressure, and enhance the feelings between colleagues, enhance the group cohesion, lay a solid foundation for the development of song Huai Steel Shot better.

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