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Shandong steel grit application and packaging method


Today, the Ji'nan steel steel manufacturers to introduce you to the application of weight and packing essentials of grit:

The weight for use mainly what aspects of sand and with heavy, weight, same as mechanical products to reuse pressure. The main material manufacturing by weight steel scrap steel, steel and some waste.

Application of grit weight

Mainly used for casting, forging, machinery, metallurgy, heat treatment, steel structure, space truss structure, container, ship, building, bridge, mining and other fields of cleaning, derusting, strengthening, forming, eliminating surface cleaning and coating, electroplating and various profiles of the roughness (NAP) pretreatment, stone cutting, casting, magnetic pill as additives and heavy concrete BF refractories, weight steel mainly for engineering machinery, ships, bridges, pressure reuse products.


Weight is a kind of abrasive grit is often used in packaging, there are some requirements to follow:

1, should be used in plastic bags, woven bags lined with plastic bag, drum;

2, each package should have a sign, indicating the commodity name, specifications, weight, production units;

A certificate of quality should be 3, grit on the counterweight,

It must include: name, specifications and quantity, supplier name or logo, the unit name, contract number, standard number, chemical composition of the test results, the quality management department, responsible person, inspector, confirm delivery date, production date, net weight.

Packing weight grit blasting machine manufacturers small in the contents of the above has explained, I believe that we all know.

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