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Steel grit grit manufacturers counterweight purpose and role


Today, we shot grit manufacturers to explain the purpose and function of counterweight counterweight grit grit;

1, as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

2, but also can do hardware, glass, precious stones, jade, polishing, grinding.


Silicon carbide has four major application areas, namely: functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials. The silicon carbide coarse material has been able to supply in large quantities, can not count the new and high technology product, but the application of nanometer grade silicon carbide powder with very high technical content can not form the scale economy for a short time.

3, as abrasive, can be used for abrasive, such as grinding wheel, stone, grinding head, sand tile, etc..

4, high purity single weight, weight analysis can be used in the manufacture of steel manufacturing, semiconductor silicon carbide fiber.

In 5. sports in some weight, for example, our common iron Leggings bag, its internal weight material are used as iron counterweight filler.

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