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The girl who married a poor boy


China is a place called Shandong, Shandong is a place called Ji'nan in Ji'nan, a company called Shandong song Huai metal products Co. Ltd. (Shandong song Huai), Shandong song Huai individual employee named Wang Ying, I have a colleague named Wang Ying, her work is mainly responsible for customer service, for customers to introduce shot use the related knowledge, the advantages and disadvantages of song Huai pill and cooperation process etc..

It's a nice name and a very beautiful person. But she did a thing is not an ordinary thing: not to marry the poor students from poor and blank, the daughter of poor wife. Such a "weak coalition, in most of the girl's eyes, is undoubtedly a nightmare.


Wang Ying's school and our company belong to the school enterprise cooperation. After she graduated, she came to Shandong song Huai. After the interview, she took a few days off and went home to collect rice. Her family condition is bad. We'll know that when we first came to the company. The company reported the first day, she wore it has white jeans, there is an accumulation of labor under Months and years pass by. earthy body.

High school, Wang Ying excellent results, college entrance examination results than ideal, but when the college entrance examination volunteer, she has abandoned many first-class colleges and universities, volunteers fill out the list of schools can be arranged to work. Of course, we all know that there is a background to get a good job, unless there is a school to arrange work, or there is school enterprise cooperation. This is also the Shandong song Huai general manager Mr. Hou Zhibin school enterprise cooperation original intention: let more people without background to find a good job.


Poly Wang Ying said, sophomore year, she has fallen in love, the object is a fellow students Li Ming, two people face to face at the party, and when encountered in the work study program. In the course of contacts, each will give birth to some feelings, look up the low Mou between Shuiguang glittering, and also a little more yuyuehuanxiu.

Li Ming is typical of the poor students, do four years of student loans, usually by working to maintain their livelihood. Fortunately, he worked hard and got the national scholarship every year. However, Li Ming at that time was like a fly on the window. The future was bright, but I didn't know where the road was.

Wang Ying, a girl who has been polished by the poor, is more sensible and sober than anyone else. She also understands the true value of a marriage. So she avoided his shining eyes, not good, is not that bad. The poor young boy moved Wang Ying with his actions. They were married before they graduated. Now, although they are poor, they live happily ever after.


The man who really deserves love may make you cry for a while, but not for the rest of your life. And the girl who is really worthy of love, also will not care about your temporary down and out, she exudes tenderness and tenacity, but also can become your most solid backing force. The love that leads is never the rich and poor, but the determination of the two together.

This world is indeed very realistic, but there is always a corner, hold a pair of men and women to love each other, and one of two hearts. This song, Shandong Huaigang small pill I wish the world lovers, but also hope that more young people to join this platform Shandong song Huai, let us work together to realize their dreams through steel grit this simple and easy to understand the industry, to their own success!

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