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Instead of worrying about the future, not now work hard --- song Huai Steel


People who have never lost will often lose everything;

Don't wrestle people often fall up;

Any of the famine, poverty is destined to be your home;

Those who won't last long, most of you, won't last long.

Only the defeat is not hungry, unremittingly, you can reach the other shore;

Based on your chosen field, as I dream in the steel industry foothold.


What has been despised by you will be valued by you in the end;

If you focus on one direction, you end up walking farther than others.

A man who can catch hope has only himself, and he who can give up hope has only himself.

Resentment and envy only make you lose more.

Success or failure, we all have reason to cheer for ourselves!

Fall, lost, does not matter,

Continue to climb up the wind and rain, and song and line.

Polish your eyes, don't let them confuse you.

Only the heart has shores,

There will be ferry, there will be boats, there will be tomorrow.

Come on, believe in yourself, and dream come true,

To be successful, song Huai steel.


Believe in your own strength, but don't deny your tears;

Believe in the beauty of matter, but not in life;

Believe in the sincerity between people, but don't criticize hypocrisy;

I believe that efforts will succeed, but do not escape the failure;

Believe in the justice of your fate, but don't forget that when a door closes, a window opens.

Learning to accept imperfection is the mature of life.

No man is perfect, but imperfection is the normal life.

Success in life has failure, there is a gathering, there will be scattered.

Better to work hard now than worry about the future.

Only struggle can give you a sense of security on this road.

Don't put your dreams in someone's mind easily,

Don't worry too much about whispers next to you, because the future is yours,

Only you can give yourself the greatest sense of security.

Don't forget to promise yourself what you are going to do,

Don't forget where you want to go, no matter how hard it is or how far it is.

As long as hard to, dreams will come to look forward to the future, Song Wan Huaigang everyone can reach their height.

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