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The rational use of steel grit and steel shot blasting machine


Shot blasting machine models are various, each model has different use areas, shot blasting treatment effect is not the same. In addition to the quality of shot blasting effect and blasting machine is related to the selection of steel grit blasting machine in which played a significant role in the selection of steel grit, or to choose the best products according to their needs and their products. General iron shot blasting machine often do surface treatment effect: to rust, oxide layer and burr, is the most suitable steel shot and steel cut wire, iron are suitable for general, so the effect will be better.


The best marble surface shot with grit, if you want to do a little better effect can be added in the steel in the stainless steel pill. Stainless steel parts, such as surface needs to do rough effect, can choose stainless steel cut pills, if you do smooth effect, can add stainless steel atomized pill. Die casting surface cleaning of steel balls or steel wire with cut pills, can also reduce the cost of two kinds of sand, mixed, increase the liquidity of the shot. General steel shot and steel cut wire shot, shot blasting treatment is general, because of its moderate price, good treatment effect, the shot blasting machine blasting machine wear is relatively small.


The direction of movement of steel shot abrasive will lead to, the cleaning effect is affected. The feed pipe to accurately design, so that the flow of steel shot abrasive in line with the actual requirements, the abrasive into too much will cause the abrasive material is not smooth, so that the work efficiency is low. Otherwise the location can not feed pipe from the impeller too far, steel shot steel grit abrasive feeding pipe and the branch will be from the gap between impeller flow movement characteristics, seriously disrupting the abrasive flow. A lot of methods used to control the flow of steel shot abrasive, new methods of using electronic control technology, electronic shot steel Abrasives controller has self compensation function, can automatically adjust the steel shot steel abrasives in controlling a predetermined range of flow, shot blasting device always work in the best condition.

In the process of automobile production, engineers have widely used shot blasting strengthening technology to improve the service life of transmission parts. Usually, these parts are shot shot after heat treatment, especially some key parts, such as gear ring and planetary gear, etc. the shot blasting strengthening is the last necessary step in the manufacture. Reasonable selection of steel grit blasting machine can be better for the surface treatment of cast pieces.

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