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Steel shot steel prices


This week, most domestic carbon steel scrap market generally rose, including East China rose the most obvious, with the northern market rising. The demand for scrap steel has reached a peak, with the arrival of steel mills increasing, and the strengthening of steel billet prices increasing confidence in the scrap market. Near the weekend, billet fell slightly, and the current steel and pig iron prices narrowed, and then up, weak, steady and wait-and-see. Next week, the domestic carbon scrap market high consolidation operation. Scrap as raw material prices due to rising prices of steel grit, steel shot, steel prices also caused the rise.


This week the company due to inform you of cooperative enterprises to raise the price of steel, the previous partners know the company due to increased production costs, so the price of steel grit pill next week will be raised, some steel grit manufacturers will advance stocking, every day in order to reached a peak on Thursday, just a day the single volume has exceeded 800 tons, in order to give the major partner of the quality and quantity to complete the task, the factory production time be in full swing, vice president * * personally oversee, after the efforts of workers, perfect end to complete the task, in the price hike before the order all go.


The price of steel is expected next week, the high steel pill, after all, raw material prices, the company's quality assurance and production cost as well as the lowest price possible, so that production enterprises can enjoy the benefits, achieve win-win situation.

The company has been committed to improving product quality, and strive to the lowest price on the basis of the quality of the best, intentions for customer service, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our struggle.

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