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Alloy steel shot with properties show


Many manufacturers are using steel, casting, also understand its performance, this song Huaigang to recommend a new pill of steel, alloy steel is used, the performance of this shot is not the same, the specific performance is how to introduce below.


Different shot performance and advantage are different, to analysis the advantages of steel alloy:

1, because of its bright appearance, alloy steel will not rust has been widely used in the automobile suspension spring, spring, quenching gears, screws, chain, spraying the surface of workpiece of all kinds of stamping parts, standard parts and stainless steel and other high hardness polishing processing, surface descaling of the workpiece after machining, surface treatment etc..

2, alloy steel shot no porosity and loose organization, good uniformity, alloy steel shot was used for precision parts, stainless steel and alloy steel shot for stainless steel and aluminum castings, casting the shot blasting because no pollution, and low wear.


3, alloy steel shot life last longer than another shot, it can be reused for 3000~3500 times, in the process of using wear no other shots so fast, just in the circulation process will slowly wear into dust.

4, the use of very large, any workpiece surface treatment almost all can be used, especially in some ship plant, mold industry, foundry industry, steel works and other enterprises.

Above is the relevant explanation on properties of alloy steel shot are used in different places and other shots, I hope everyone can choose a good shot according to specific circumstances, to find suitable for their own products, for the enterprise really can save cost.

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