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Why is the price of stainless steel pills still high?


In the steel grit falling today, stainless steel prices have been hovering at a high level, also makes people very confused not only ask why. Because of long time continuous shot blasting machine, put forward higher requirements on the performance of:

1. shots have enough hardness and strength to withstand the friction in the whole cycle of shot blasting machine.

2. steel have high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, is smooth enough shots to do, to reduce the friction consumption of steel.

3. shots have enough ductility and toughness, high fatigue strength, to withstand the shot in the work force, anti shock and vibration resistance.

4. steel have good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance to corrosion, heat loss and workpiece with oil.


In the steel shot, stainless steel shot as "noble", its price is high, staggering, processing technology and steel wire stainless steel shot cut pills are basically the same, but the stainless steel wire is too hard to cut pill machine tool is very high, and the cutting tool wear very quickly, cutting the amount is very large, cutter and cut cut wire shot is very expensive, so the cost will be significantly increased by, which resulted in the reason, the high cost of cutting stainless steel pill costs increase, prices naturally rise.

The second reason is that the low rate of finished products, because the cutting steel cut wire wear quickly, often change, directly caused by cutting stainless steel pill production rate is very low, which is caused by one of the reasons for price cut stainless steel pill high.

There is an important reason, although steel prices down, but non-ferrous metal stainless steel prices fall is not large, it is the price of raw materials of stainless steel pill is still high, which is caused by another important factor of the high price of stainless steel pill.

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