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Shot blasting machine heart - shot blasting machine


Shot blasting cleaning equipment is the main equipment for cleaning castings at home and abroad. The composition includes shot blasting machine, casting the carrier projectile circulation system, clean room, dust removal system and control system, one of the most important part of the equipment is shot blasting machine (commonly known as polishing head), it is the heart of the whole equipment, the following detailed description of shot blasting machine:

Shot blasting machine is a key component, and its performance directly affects equipment efficiency and maintenance workload. Therefore, when selecting, we must understand the main performance parameters and structure formation of the shot blasting machine.

The shot blasting machine is composed of a feeding tube, a pill wheel, a guide sleeve, a linking disk, a blade, a main shaft and a bearing seat, an electric motor, a shield, and a protective plate. Different manufacturers have some differences in product mix.

(1) V belt drive: main bearing block and shot blasting shell, motor are installed on the cleaning room and other support parts, this is the usual form of the past, due to loading and unloading unchanged, the application is gradually reduced.

(2) cantilever: V belt drive, the main shaft parts are connected with the shell of shot blasting machine by cantilever, so it is widely used because of convenient loading and unloading.

(3) direct connection type: direct connection of motor and shot blasting machine. The utility model has the advantages of no bearing seat, V belt and pulley, compact structure, less power consumption and little maintenance work, and is widely used in medium and small power shot blasting machines.

(4) V belt drive: main bearing seat, shot blasting shell and motor are assembled on the same bottom board. When installing, the bottom plate is connected with support. This is the first form of improvement, the main force is better than cantilever, loading and unloading more convenient, mainly used for medium and large power shot blasting machine.

The leaves have two straight and curved shapes. The curve blade has long service life, and the cleaning power is improved by about 20% compared to the straight blade. But it can not be used as double blade shot blasting machine as straight blade. The blade is generally installed in parallel with the axis of the main shaft, and some of the shot blasting devices can also be installed with a certain angle fork, so that the projectile throwing belt is widened to improve the cleaning efficiency. The number of leaves is usually eight, and a few are ten and twelve. In the same situation of shot blasting, the number of blades is more, the shot blasting volume of each piece is relatively reduced, and the wear is reduced correspondingly. Moreover, the impeller speed can be reduced.

The direction of the shot blasting machine is unidirectional (left or right) and bidirectional. Double shot shot blasting machine has been used abroad for many years, and it has been used in China for a long time. The products have large range of projection, flexible installation and use, and uniform wear of blades. Long service life and increasing tendency of application.

In the past ten years, domestic developed or imported foreign technology, developed a batch of high efficiency shot blasting machine, not only improved the work efficiency, but also made a contribution to the Chinese manufacturing industry.

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