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Basic process rules of shot blasting for steel plate profiles


Coating process of steel section bar

The general process of painting is shot blasting derusting - surface cleaning - primer coating - intermediate paint - finish coating (usually two primer and two paint as required). The inspector will measure the thickness of the paint with the appropriate instrument.

The corrosion grade of steel surface is divided into four grades: A, B, C and D:

Class A: steel surface that covers the oxide coat with little rust;

Class B: the surface of the steel that has corroded and partly oxidized off;

Class C: the oxide has been peeled or scraped due to corrosion and has a small amount of rusted steel surface;

Class D: not allowed;

Shot blasting descaling grade

Class Sa1: slight rust removal only removes loose rolled, oxide skin, rust and attachments.

Class Sa2. Thoroughly derusting, rolling, oxide, rust, and adhesion almost all removed. At least there is no visible residue in the area of 2/3.

Sa2.5. Very completely rust mill scale, rust and adhesive residues on steel surface is slightly dirty spots or traces of a pack, at least 95% of the area without any visible residue.

Class Sa3: descaling to the white surface, rolling, oxide, rust and adhesion are completely removed, with a more uniform luster.

Preliminary preparation of shot blasting

1., according to the overall size of the workpiece to determine whether the workpiece can be shot blasting, or can be broken down after blasting;

2. adjust the projection angle of the shot blasting machine according to the structure and height of the workpiece;

3. turn the locating sleeve counterclockwise, the projection angle up; turn the locating sleeve clockwise, and the projecting angle is downward;

4. the determination of the ejection angle shall be based on the test of the shot blasting of the first workpiece;

5. to master the stock shot;

6., work should be started, no-load operation for 3 minutes, check whether the operation of components is normal, before they can boot;

Operation process of shot blasting machine

1. boot process: dust bucket bucket elevator - horizontal screw conveyor - longitudinal screw conveyor - shot blasting device - roller conveyor - Pill - fan;

2. contrary to boot shutdown procedures;

3. according to the derusting grade to determine the transmission speed observation derusting degree, such as not up to the specified level, for the two time ejection, if still not up to the specified level, you can consider the use of Xingang blasting; blasting observation after the workpiece without loss, if any, should immediately stop the search. Before finding no startup; workpiece parking prohibited open, air humidity should be less than 80%; and production plans or drawings are inconsistent, should immediately find relevant technical personnel; in the blasting process, if found quality factors can not eliminate stress, stop working, looking for relevant personnel.

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