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  • 抛丸机生产厂家,皇家娱乐场钢砂价格,皇家娱乐场钢砂生产厂家
  • 抛丸机生产厂家,皇家娱乐场钢砂价格,皇家娱乐场钢砂生产厂家
  • 抛丸机生产厂家,皇家娱乐场钢砂价格,皇家娱乐场钢砂生产厂家

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Shandong song Huai playfully as a brand, product's adorable price, which makes the "Shandong song Huai" brand quickly occupied the market, the company production of cast steel shot, cast steel, sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine accessories and other products, has been exported to 58 countries and regions. In order to better serve customers, the company is to keep up with the trend of e-commerce, and do a good job in network sales, Shandong song Huai line on the line, so that our after-sales more convenient and faster! In addition, the song as the first brand Chinese Huaigang pill GB shot: no fear the test of time, reputation is still guaranteed, the quality and quantity of supply! Commitment 3 times compensation, quality assurance unchanged! Let you more at ease, rest assured, worry!

Companies adhering to the "quality of life, innovation is the foundation of the business philosophy, constantly optimize the product performance, innovative practice, company staff strictly enforce the relevant quality standards, although has entered the automated assembly line, but in order to ensure the quality of every grain of steel grit, quality inspection personnel we are in the factory after the strict test in recent years sales transactions is the first in the country, the Li Song Huai steel shot, steel strength, become the first brand China steel gb!

We stick with the best material, solid technology, rigorous attitude, using high-quality steel scrap as raw material, the production of high quality cast steel shot, cast steel sand; good shot, to come to Shandong to find song huai! It's always our goal to do something that saves you money!

Shandong song Huai to professional, super value services to customers touched the service concept, in the spirit of "fighting hard, combat, dare to" the spirit of enterprise, to provide our customers with intimate service. In short, Shandong song Huai will rely on metal abrasives to provide you with a full set of spray shot blasting integrated chain services, as you can do at your fingertips spray shot cleaning experts!

Free customization service:

1, customer service, are the best abrasive used, help site to achieve the best efficiency, the optimization of surface parameters such as surface roughness, dust cleaning grade, grade, soluble salt content etc..

2, provide professional advice on equipment use and maintenance, so that the best matching of the equipment and the Department of abrasive, to achieve the best effect.

3, on-site inspection and report, improve the efficiency of jet throwing, minimize the abrasive unit consumption and spray throwing comprehensive cost.

4. If customer needs, we can provide technical training and technical support for shot peening at site, call experts hotline: 13589059555 (WeChat same number)

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