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QWD net belt type shot blasting machine

Mesh belt type shot blasting machine is mainly used in automotive, aerospace, railway and machinery manufacturing, surface shot blasting, especially in thin-walled cast iron or Aluminum Alloy castings and other small parts can be used for cleaning, shot peening machine parts.

Product brief:

Mesh belt type shot blasting machine conveying system for conveying workpiece into a closed blast cleaning chamber through a mesh belt, using high speed rotating impeller blasting accelerating projectile projectile to reach the surface of workpiece cleaning effect, is a kind of disc shaped castings, forgings, cleaning and other pieces of the structure of blast cleaning equipment.

Using network structure, network with forward speed can be stepless speed regulation, shot blasting is more uniform, high cleaning efficiency;

Using steel mesh belt, slag skin easy to leak, the good heat dissipation, can realize effective cleaning of high temperature of workpiece;

This pill material circulation purification system uses the overflow type controllable curtain with multistage Fengxuan separator and special polyester wire core hoist belt, realize the separation and recycling of pellets;

You can adapt to multi room set of different parts of the sealing curtain, blasting dust system using pulse cleaning cartridge dust collector, good dedusting effect, long service life.

Equipment display plan:

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