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Item name: cast iron sand

Product types: G10, G12, G14, G16, G18, G25, G40, G50, G80, G120

Song Wan sand casting production standards huaigang:

In strict accordance with the national standard GB/T18838.3 - 2008 high carbon steel shot and grit ", American Society of Automotive Engineers" SAE J1993 sand castingstandards ", the United States Steel Association" SFSA20-66 steel abrasive standard ", the U.S. military standard" MIL-S-851C clean and strengthened with metal grit and steel shot "and the international organization for Standardization ISO11124-3 high carbon cast steel shot cast steel grit standard", People&/en/display/grit/39;s Republic of China black metallurgy industry "YB/T5150-1993 sand castingstandards" of production.

The scope of application of sand cast steel pill Huaigang song:

1, SG2.5 SG2.0

Large cast steel, steel castings, steel structures, large forgings, heat treatment of sand, rust removal, removal of oxide surface cleaning and so on.

2, SG1.7 SG1.4

Large and medium sized castings, sand, forgings, heat-treated pieces, steel plates, steel pipe steel rust strengthening, surface treatment before plating, stone cutting.

3, SG1.2 SG1.0

The sand, forgings, heat-treated pieces, steel plate, steel pipe, steel structure and steel rust strengthening, plating surface treatment before stone cutting for small and medium sized foundry.

4, SG1.0 SG0.7

Small castings, forgings, heat treatment parts, aluminium steel, alloy castings, steel plate, strip steel, steel tube, sand removing, oxide coating, spring, stone cutting, chain surface strengthening and grinding.

5, SG0.4 SG0.3

Alloy castings, plates, strips, small stainless steel castings, such as sand cleaning, rust removing, spring strengthening, surface treatment before spraying, improving roughness and strengthening adhesion.

Song Huai steel pellets with different hardness grit:

1, GP: the new cast steel grit grit is made, sharp edges, the use of the process will soon be rounded edges, very suitable for pretreatment of steel surface oxide skin removing operation.

2, GL cast steel grit: this grit hardness is higher than that of GP steel grit, also in the sandblasting process out of corners, especially suitable for pretreatment of steel surface oxide skin removing operation.

3, GH cast steel grit: the steel hardness is very high, will remain the edges in the sandblasting process, on the formation of the rules, the obvious effect on the surface of hair. GH cast steel grit blasting machine for the job, we must first consider the priority in the construction price factors required occasions. This cast steel sand is mainly used for compressed air shot peening equipment.

Suitable equipment song Huaigang sand cast steel pill:

1, sand cast steel is mainly used for sandblasting, mainly used for steel pretreatment production line, steel pretreatment production line, steel pretreatment production line, drum type, chain type, hook type, crawler, by type, rotary, accumulating, stepping, abrators (shot), shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, blasting machine, blasting equipment, blasting equipment, shot blasting machine, shot blasting, sand blasting equipment, spraying equipment room.

2, rotary Shotblast cleaning machine, chain (enhanced), double stroke step, stacking cleaning machine, roller Shotblast cleaning machine, steel (rubber) caterpillar Shotblast cleaning machine, car type shot blasting machine, trolley type polishing (spray) pill shakeout machine, cylinder and pipe wall cleaning hook type polishing machine, (spray) pill cleaning machine, roller type shot blasting machine and steel pretreatment line, cylinder (Gang Gai) special double squirrel cage cleaning machine, engineering machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts industry special cleaning machine, plate spring, round spring, crankshaft and connecting rod of shot blasting machines, steel strong component and vehicle cleaning machine, Shotblast cleaning machine.

3, hook trolley combined type shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine, vertical steel plate mesh belt material cleaning machine, Shotblast cleaning machine, ceramic tile shot blasting machine, shot peening machine, carbon steel surface cleaning machine, Shotblast cleaning machine, rotary sling hook swing type shot blasting machine, Aluminum Alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel special sand machine, marine anchor chain cleaning machine and other equipment.

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