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  • 抛丸机生产厂家,皇家娱乐场钢砂价格,皇家娱乐场钢砂生产厂家
  • 抛丸机生产厂家,皇家娱乐场钢砂价格,皇家娱乐场钢砂生产厂家

HW cast steel ball

Product model:

S50/0.1mm, S70/0.2mm, S110, /0.3mm, S130/0.4mm, S170/0.5mm, S230/0.6mm, S280/0.8mm, S330/1.0mm, S390/1.2mm, S460/1.4mm,, S550/1.7mm, S660/2.0mm, S780/2.5mm, S930/3.0mm


Song Huai good shot features:

1, the microstructure song Huai good shot tight, uniform size, can eliminate stress, improve the surface strength.

2, song Huai good in cleaning up the workpiece with a rebound shot, cleaning speed is fast, low consumption.

3, song Huai Steel Shot good moderate hardness, good toughness, impact resistance, service life is 2000-2800 times Erwin.

4, Chinese GB steel preferred brand! 100% up to the national standard, not up to the national standard, free exchange, first-class quality, PFP prices! Commitment 3 times compensation, quality assurance will never change!

Good song Huai Steel production standards:

Song Huai good shot in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T18838.3 - 2008 high carbon steel shot and grit, "U.S. Steel Association" SFSA20-66 steel abrasive standard ", American Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J827 cast steel pill", People&/en/display/hwcase/39;s Republic of China black metallurgy industry "YB/T5149-93 steel pill", the U.S. military standard "MIL-S-851 clean and strengthened with metal and steel steel standard and international standard organization" ISO11124-3 standard high carbon steel shot sand casting production standard ".

Song Huai good shot for equipment:

1. Drum type, suspension chain, hook type, crawler type, through type, turntable type, product release type, step by step type, trolley type shot blasting machine

2, shot peening machine, shot blasting, shot blasting equipment, sandblasting machine, sandblasting equipment, rust removal equipment, steel pretreatment production line

3, steel pretreatment production line, steel structure pretreatment production line, sand room equipment

Song Huai good shot application:

1, cleaning: shot blasting, shot blasting, casting cleaning, shot blasting castings, forgings, forging casting blasting blasting clean sand, steel plate cleaning, steel plate cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, H type steel steel structure.

2, cleaning: blast cleaning, shot peening, casting derusting, forgings derusting, forgings descaling, steel rust, rust steel, H steel, steel rust rust.

3, strengthen: shot blasting strengthening, heat treatment parts shot peening, gear shot peening.

4, shot peening: steel shot, steel plate, steel shot blasting, shot blasting, steel shot.

5, shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting, steel shot blasting.

6, sand: sand treatment.

7, steel pretreatment: pretreatment, coating pretreatment, surface pretreatment, plate pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment.

Good song Huai Steel Product packaging:

Woven bag, container bag packaging, packaging, packaging bags, wooden pallets barrels packaging

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