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A duster

1. principles

With the efficient function of dust removal by bag filter, dust and recovery of gas and dust can be removed by filtration. The dust remover is composed of a casing, an ash bucket, ash discharging device, bracket, pulse cleaning system and electric control part.


When the dust laden gas from the inlet into the dust collector, met at the middle inclined baffle air inlet, air is turned into the hopper, and the airflow speed slow, due to inertia, gas in coarse grain dust directly into ash hopper, play a role in the dust. Then the airflow into the hopper and folded upwards through the metal skeleton inside bag, dust trapped into the filter bag chamber gas purification in the upper part of the outer surface of the filter bag after the clean room, together out of the wind tube.

As the filtration time increases, the dust on the filter bag thickens and the resistance of the filter bag increases. At each given time interval or set resistance limit, the dust collection room is cleaned by turns. Each dust collecting chamber is provided with a poppet valve poppet valve closed cleaning, filtering off airflow through the dust collecting chamber, then the pulse valve opens to the filter bag is sprayed into the high-pressure air, remove dust on the outer surface of the bag. The pulse width and the ash cleaning period of each dust collecting room are controlled by the electrical part. The dust collected by automatic ash discharging device for discharging hopper.

2. features:

The utility model has the advantages of wide range of use, simple structure, convenient operation, high dust collecting efficiency and low emission concentration. Is the most widely used dust control equipment.


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