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Sand blasting room

The whole sand blasting room consists of sand blasting studio, sandblasting system, abrasive recovery system, dust removal system, workpiece delivery system (customer owned), lighting systems, control systems, lifting doors and other parts.

According to customer demand, customized sandblasting room of different sizes. The sand blasting room is made of a mechanical hand welded steel plate and has a rigid folding door made of a special hinge and thrust bearing. It is easy to enter one side or both sides of the sand blasting room.

Sand blasting studio:

The outer wall of the room body is made of rock wool composite heat preservation board, and the room body is made of shape steel, and is strengthened with diagonal bars by using profiled bars, and the 5mm wear-resistant rubber plate is arranged around the room. Both sides of the chamber are provided with an open door, the chamber is provided with a safety door, and an observation window for 300mm of the diameter of the equipment is arranged on the safety door, and an 6mm toughened glass is used in the observation window, so as to conveniently observe the indoor condition. The top is provided with air inlet louver window and is equipped with silencer.

The chamber wall material adopts 50mm thick rock wool composite thermal insulation board, wherein the inner and outer layers are 0.5 to 0.6mm thick colored galvanized galvanized steel plates, and the middle of which is filled with non inflammable rock wool material, the whole structure is simple, and the folding is easy.

The host is the core unit of sandblasting sandblasting machine system, sandblasting machine for working principle of pressure retaining, and with two sand blasting operations control valve two high-speed spray material, ordinary sandblasting machine host sand loading of about 3 tons of steel capacity can be installed. Sandblasting system:

1. abrasive recovery system

Back to the sand pit device, according to requirements set back to the sand pit blasting in uniform recycling, recycling pit is arranged in the belt conveyor, and connected with the bucket elevator. Belt conveyor, belt conveyor for the new V belt machine, belt adopts high strength wear-resistant rubber belt.

2. dust removal system

Dust removal system includes suction and dust removal pipeline, settling chamber, dust collector, fan and so on. The core of dust removal system is dust collector. This filter uses filter tube structure, pulse anti blow cleaning mode of cartridge manufacturing according to the unified standard, using high-speed connection, convenient disassembly of the cartridge, reduce the labor intensity of workers strength, improve working conditions.

3. lighting system

The top of the sand blasting room is uniformly distributed with six sides, and the sides of the side wall are in proper height. Each of the three lamps of the PHILPS metal halide lamp is uniformly distributed. The lampshade is made of toughened glass, plexiglass or wearable rubber plate, and is protected by a multi-layer steel wire net. The lamps and lanterns in the arrangement take into full account the illumination intensity and the comfortable feeling, guaranteed that when the worker works, has a good working environment.

4. electrical control system

This machine adopts PLC control, PLC and other components, using SIEMENS and other well-known brand products.

Mechanical recovery type sandblasting room including real body, funnel grille, pill material recycling system (including belt conveyor live spiral conveyor, hoist, separator, storage bin, rotary feeding valve), dust removal system, loading system, lighting system, electric control system, three-dimensional lifting platform etc..


1. pellet feeding system is simple and reliable, strong overload capacity, not easy to plug

2., more power recovery, less power, energy conservation

3. mechanical maintenance is simpler than pneumatic maintenance and easy to operate.

Technical parameters: as the size of the room is different, part of the parameters are different, and now the size of the housing is long, X wide, X high: 12X6X6m as an example, to provide parameters as follows:

The size of the sand blasting room for cleaning this size is: X long and X wide: (9-10) X3X (3-4) meters.

Sectional sand blasting room for ships

The ship is spraying spraying segment of the most important and basic part, in addition to the special parts of special ships (such as oil tanker cargo oil tank), all parts of the hull, painting in the stage of segmented spraying coating in whole or in part. No matter how many parts need a hull paint coating, the first layer, which is in direct contact with the steel layer, are painting in section, and ship coating quality, quality first depends on the block painting. Sectional painting is best done in an indoor paint shop without the natural conditions of climate change.

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