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A 70 after the resignation of state-owned


Hou Zhibin, founder of 1995 net sales of steel grit, graduated from the school, after the written examination and interview, successfully entered the Ji'nan iron and steel plant, became an official mining workers of Jinan steel, with the familiar with the work and work stability, he felt that the life is more than the life you want, because there is a heart stable heart and positive learning spirit, while facing the hard environment and ordinary life, but he cherished the dream and passion, and always full of positive energy. He worked closely with current events and worked hard to enrich himself.

In 2012, an accidental opportunity, he attended a conference of the Internet, the Internet tide is now menacing, many enterprises rapid transformation and development, inner unrest began to think about whether he can create a combination of Internet and enterprise actual projects, help enterprises to create new profit growth point in the severe market after careful consideration and the market environment, after verification, he decided to open the "Internet plus traditional enterprise" practice of the road. In 2015, he decided to leave the job for more than ten years stable position, and resolutely resigned, the sea founded the Shandong Huai Huai metal products Co., ltd..

At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, because the traditional transaction mode has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, customers listen to an online sale, they feel incredible, no one believes, no one can accept. But he always believed in the "sell themselves", they have a number of high performance steel grit, with strict production line, a group dedicated to the promotion of the quality of higher education personnel shot. Because of the traditional way of selling, no more companies have the opportunity to know the quality of this product, if it is because of this, the 70 after the unwilling. Since there is no customer initiative to find, then he took the initiative to contact customers.

It is because of this indomitable spirit, he single-handed, work hard, and actively create corporate brand, since customers don't believe him, then the goods to fight, finally have the first customer, which gave him great encouragement, then second, third, Fourth... In... A short period of one year, Shandong song Huai metal products Co., a rise in steel industry rookie shot from the original team, the development of a person to become four person.

Up to now, the team has become more than a dozen people, Shandong song Huai metal products Co. Ltd. has become the first brand of Chinese GB steel shot. In May this year, the middle-aged 70 has made a major move, he felt the song Huaigang pill in the out of Chinese China has been known to every family, and to the world, let more people know it, know it, use it. So in Germany Hannover industrial exhibition, the first step towards the world for song Huaigang pill.


Now, Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. annual sales exceeded one hundred million for two consecutive years, the 70 state-owned enterprises after the resignation of workers, completed a perfect counter attack.

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