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The third session of the international e-commerce service industry Expo Closing Ceremony of the song


  To implement the "electronic commerce" 13th Five-Year "development plan", to further accelerate the transformation and promotion of Shandong new energy industry electronic commerce and the depth of integration, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, sponsored by the Ji'nan Municipal People's government, China Electronic Commerce Association, Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial SME guidance support hosted third international e-commerce services industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the electricity supplier Expo) grand opening on July 6th in Ji'nan New International Exhibition center.

  According to song Huaigang pill understanding, exposition to promote brand business, create new energy conversion new carrier "as the theme, focus on" Internet plus "," brand building ", through the comprehensive application of electronic commerce through the main line, meeting forum, exhibition theme and form, the construction of public service e-commerce platform policy interpretation, information dissemination, high-end dialogue, exhibition and exchange share, investment negotiation, brand promotion, business cooperation. Promote the deep integration of e-commerce and the real economy, driven by the overall transformation and upgrading of the regional economy, power supply side structural reforms.


  The electricity supplier will be held during the Expo, 2017 "Internet plus brand" summit, "100 hundred county. Taking in contention" regional brand Internet Conference and other activities. Then, through the policy interpretation, peak dialogue, experience sharing and other forms, strengthen the brand marketing and promotion, enhance the level of use of the Internet business model innovation, establish a correct awareness of brand promotion, brand building and sustainable development of the Internet, the unique brand protection, promote the construction of inter regional cooperation mechanism. Over the same period, will be held more than 60 meetings and supporting activities, provide opportunities to interact with each other in an all-round and multi angle for the enterprise, involving the Internet industry, cross-border electricity, rural electricity providers, mobile Internet, big data and the county (city) District promotion etc..

  It is reported that the Expo exhibition area of 35000 square meters, set the "Internet plus brand" integrated services, business platform, business / mall / Park / city demonstration base, rural electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier, logistics and supply chain management, intelligent manufacturing and the future of science and technology, new media industry integration, social media / community electricity supplier sector, a comprehensive presentation of domestic and international business development and innovation, demonstration and application and development trend. By then, will also invite Jingdong, Suning and other well-known electronic business platform and service providers, and Shandong brand enterprise service docking, helping the province's brand development.


 Song Wan Huaigang in order to better do online promotion, establish their own brand, and actively participate in the exhibition, hoping to learn from each big enterprise, perfect to complete the "Internet plus song Huai Steel" online brand awareness. The exhibition in July 8th the perfect closing song, Huaigang pill benefited a lot.

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