• The price depends on the quality of steel grit

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:149

    Today, Jinan shot steel manufacturers to introduce how to judge the quality of steel grit, because the quality of steel grit often determines the price level. Many consumers to choose and grit is not very understanding, below with small sho...

  • Run more efforts in the steel world, the more fortunate!

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:88

    No work in the world is not hard, There is no one without complications. From today on, smile every day, In addition to life and death, the world is a small matter. Since the choice of the industry into the shot, they only trials and hardsh...

  • Effect of shot blasting strength of steel

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:93

    The steel grit blasting machine to continuous impact on the workpiece in the blasting process, the workpiece to remove the oxide skin, casting sand, rust, steel grit in the workpiece itself at the same time, steel grit should also have exce...

  • Instead of worrying about the future, not now work hard --- song Huai Steel

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:106

    People who have never lost will often lose everything; Dont wrestle people often fall up; Any of the famine, poverty is destined to be your home; Those who wont last long, most of you, wont last long. Only the defeat is not hungry, unremitt...

  • As long as you have a dream, life everywhere is the starting point -- song Huai Steel

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:124

    Song Huai Steel: life is endless, like the starting point and end point on the runway, is always connected. The beginning is to life what the source is to the long river, and the bud to the tree. Although there is only one river, although t...

  • If good enough, don't complain -- song Huai Steel

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:167

    Where there is hurt, if you go to explore, not to complain, there will be harvest. Difficulties and adversities are a necessary part of life. No matter who, no matter how famous, has the status, how much money, in the eyes of others more ca...

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