• Alloy steel shot with properties show

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:110

    Many manufacturers are using steel, casting, also understand its performance, this song Huaigang to recommend a new pill of steel, alloy steel is used, the performance of this shot is not the same, the specific performance is how to introdu...

  • Shandong steel grit production steps

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:131

    Today, Shandong steel grit manufacturers share steel grit production method. The raw material is steel scrap high carbon steel or alloy steel. A process for producing steel scrap for direct use. Include the following steps: (1) will scrap h...

  • Steel shot steel prices

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:172

    This week, most domestic carbon steel scrap market generally rose, including East China rose the most obvious, with the northern market rising. The demand for scrap steel has reached a peak, with the arrival of steel mills increasing, and t...

  • The rational use of steel grit and steel shot blasting machine

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:132

    Shot blasting machine models are various, each model has different use areas, shot blasting treatment effect is not the same. In addition to the quality of shot blasting effect and blasting machine is related to the selection of steel grit...

  • Process of shot blasting treatment

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:100

    Sandblasting (shot) - is the use of compressed air as power will be 40~120 in diameter to about 0.1~2.0 steel grit or sprayed to the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece to achieve the same effect. With different sizes, the treatment eff...

  • Shandong steel grit packing

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:71

    The essential development of steel grit in the life of many industries, Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of steel grit, today we will try to understand the way of packing steel grit in Shandong. Ste...

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