• Query authenticity

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:188


  • Ship application

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:152

    The steel rust shipyard will affect the shipbuilding quality, can not use artificial derusting that workload will be very large; this requires the machine can remove the rust in order to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, the use of a seri...

  • Container painting

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:149

    My companys products after shot blasting treatment on the container can effectively increase the service life of the film, improve its corrosion resistance, at the same time, also can improve the container plate strength and resistance to m...

  • Cleaning of castings and forgings

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:67

    Most metal workpieces produce surface oxidation during forging heat treatment. This scale has serious damage to the chemical coating of parts, and needs to be shot cleaned. For the parts that need cutting, cleaning the oxide scale is the ne...

  • Shot peening; surface strengthening

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:107

    Our metal abrasives and shot peening equipment can be used in casting industry, cast iron, cast iron parts of the surface sand and oxidation of the removal of the skin. Almost all of the cast steel, gray cast iron, malleable iron, ductile i...

  • Cleaning of colored and stainless steel castings

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:64

    Stainless steel and non-ferrous metal castings, such as surface cleaning Aluminum Alloy, copper alloy, in addition to remove oxide, found the surface defects of casting, the main purpose is to remove burr shot blasting castings and surface...

  • Railway vehicle painting

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:194

    Almost all the railway locomotive factories and vehicle sections in the country have completed the whole vehicle or bolster, side frame, shot blasting machine, automobile chassis, car body, key components and so on, and also use cleaning eq...

  • Anticorrosion of construction machinery

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:170

    Rust prevention and corrosion removal is usually done on the surface of the workpiece. Before corrosion, the surface of the workpiece needs to be treated. After the treatment, the surface of the workpiece is sprayed, and the corrosion preve...

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