• Coating and anticorrosion of steel structure

    日期:2017/07/20   点击:194

    With the development of the construction industry, the demand for steel is more and more strict, especially the performance of steel structure, which is closely related to daily life. In order to improve the safety performance, quality assu...

  • Application background of shot blasting technology

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:106

    Shot blasting cleaning and mechanical cleaning belong to the category of shot peening, the former uses the high-speed rotation of the impeller (polishing head) the abrasive particles get enough to clean up the surface of the workpiece to th...

  • service content

    日期:2017/07/19   点击:149

    Shandong song Huai playfully as a brand, products adorable price, which makes the Shandong song Huai brand quickly occupied the market, the company production of cast steel shot, cast steel, sand blasting machine, shot blasting machine acce...

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