Shandong song Huaigang pill spring opener

 The first quarter of 2017, the perfect ending song Huaigang excellence pill, the total sales volume of up to 5000 tons, domestic and international market sales growth, maintain production and sales situation, the continuation of steel market growth momentum, not only the successful implementation of the spring opener, but also in recent years, Shandong song Huaigang pill abrasive industry favored by the market. 

 In the first working meeting earlier this year, Shandong song Huai general manager Mr. Hou Zhibin made an overall plan: with more confidence, more effective measures, a more tenacious spirit, deepen reform, improve the operational mechanism, lay a solid foundation for the sustained and healthy development of enterprise. Mr. Hou Zhibin also announced: "song of extremely elegant and valuable to the pill Huaigang" market oriented, customer demand for the purpose of service to our customers and suppliers "market concept. Let Shandong Huai Huai metal abrasive industry truly face the domestic market, to make China's most advanced level and quality of the most stable metal abrasives industry throughout China, to the world.


 Every song Huai staff have deep feeling: "we always adhere to the direction is to maximize the customer value, at this point, the song Huai's slogan is: product assurance GB, detection of non GB three times compensation." 3, 15 Eve, the Huai Huai metal abrasive industry to professional, value of service concept, to combat, combat, dare to be the first enterprise spirit, to provide our customers with intimate service. The implementation of 'incomplete' zero tolerance, because Huai Huai metal has a strong technical, production, sales, intelligent management foundation, for the quality of Huai metal abrasives accumulated a number of safeguards."


  Shou Xin heart to build high-quality products, has always been the Huai Huai metal always stick to. Let the steel quality is more superior, their own advantages become more powerful, Shandong song Huai again to seek self breakthrough. "

"Built up fine, fight on the first song Huai everyone become the" quality "of the clank oath. The result today is not accidental, there is no reason not to believe, accumulate steadily development is the hard truth song industry Huaigang pill.


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