Song Huai Steel - participated in the 12 China machinery and Equipment Exhibition

Coachable for development

Our organization visits the twelfth China (Shandong, Ji'nan) machinery and Equipment Exhibition

In 2017 03 month 29 days, spring season, the leadership of the company deputy general manager Cheng Shanshan to lead the company's technology, procurement staff more than 10 people went to Shandong high tech Zone of Ji'nan International Convention and Exhibition Center twelfth Chinese (Shandong Ji'nan) machinery and equipment exhibition.


At the Convention Center, we visited some key agricultural show, do not take the modern science and technology progress and the big surprise, my company as the industry leader in metal abrasive supporting units, blasting machine mechanical equipment abrasive products meet our and our production are in the exposition of some agricultural machinery internal facilities, we have deep pride. But the way the deputy chief warns everybody, although in our field of abrasive industry is the leader, but we don't feel proud of our company, the industry steel shot abrasive products are still in the mature stage, and more should to peer continuous learning, encourage everyone to participate in a lot like today's exhibition, a lot of learning from peers according to experience, coachable thought to visit, we heard all agree.


In the process of deputy general manager under the leadership, we visited an exhibition hall, collect different information, and explore the peer predecessors, in the exhibition hall, everyone in the hands of the camera kept flashing shutter, after the end of the tour, we have said, we must redouble our efforts, we not only do a leader in steel shot abrasive, strive to make greater breakthrough in terms of abrasive.


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