Guizhou sunshine student foundation opening ceremony was successfully held

Guizhou sunshine student foundation opening ceremony was successfully held

Let the sun shine on the earth, let love warm the heart

On the afternoon of January 9th, the opening ceremony of the Guizhou sunshine student charity foundation was held in Guiyang. Guizhou sunshine student charity foundation is approved by the provincial Civil Affairs Department, has an independent legal personality of the non-public charitable foundation institutions. The opening ceremony, 10 Guizhou SANHENG Construction Co., the Urban Construction Bureau of the first eighteen Engineering Co. Ltd., Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. and Anhui Zhengxin Holdings Limited, Guiyang Architectural Design Institute and other units and individuals in the ceremony ceremony to make donations to raise money for a total of 13 million 850 thousand yuan, the money raised will be around "student assistant, improve primary school conditions improve the teaching environment and other public welfare investment projects. Guizhou provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Kong Lingzhong, provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Ding Zhixue and the provincial education department, the provincial radio and television press and Publication Bureau, Shandong song Huai general manager Hou Zhibin and other relevant units attended.

Qilu earth had a generation of worrying about the world, dare be a person first, and strive to unremitting self-improvement outstanding children, in various fields have made great achievements. In order to return the society, Mr. Hou Zhibin, general manager of Shandong Huai Huai metal products Co., Ltd., has never forgotten the original intention, has always been committed to philanthropy, and the greatest cause is philanthropy! The happiest man is the man with the heart! That's what Mr. Hou Zhibin often says. Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, but after just two years of development, has now become the country after Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technology Co. Ltd., Zibo TAA Metal Technology Co. Ltd. third metal abrasive leader. People dream of greatness, because the spirit of enterprise prosperity, Shandong will love song Huai ribbon into source and production services, for enterprises to better serve customers, serve the society with their own wisdom and strength.

And melt together, blue ocean voyage, we are song Huai Tongda international, Datong Wuzhou, let us work together, pass the love to every corner of the world......


Guests photo


Guests, Tsinghua University teacher speech


Ding Zhixue, director of the provincial Civil Affairs Bureau, read out the "reply" of the foundation


Tsinghua University donated calligraphy to the foundation


Tongzi county school principals speak


Liu Xuewen, Secretary General of the Guizhou people's organizing committee and deputy secretary general, Tian Hongbo


Poor students in Xiuwen County on behalf of his speech


Li Siting, director of the eighteenth Construction Bureau of China Urban Construction Corporation (right) and Hou Zhibin

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