If good enough, don't complain -- song Huai Steel

Where there is hurt, if you go to explore, not to complain, there will be harvest. Difficulties and adversities are a necessary part of life. No matter who, no matter how famous, has the status, how much money, in the eyes of others more capable, more glamorous, have to yourself when you doubt, uncertainty and confidence in the heart, also have fear and loneliness, think, want to give up, no power, no way, no direction also, when there are troubled, no exception. When the song is good enough people to Huaigang pill encountered difficulties, not to complain but to find a solution to the problem.

The best teacher in life is not in the classroom, but in adversity. There is a speaker named Cui Wanzhi, he is a cerebral palsy patients, but through their own efforts again and again, in Tmall created a "one minute to sell 4000 cheongsam" miracle, the first sales of the whole network. It must be said that man works hard only when he is in trouble.


"Never complain of life attitude, is the first."." Nick beard was born with no limbs, only a small foot with two toes". Suffering from ridicule and bullying by his classmates, he has now become a world speaking master who wrote five best-selling books to bring hope and strength to the whole world.

It is only you who really know and feel that all the suffering you encounter is a ladder to help you lead a better and happier life, and your life and life will change radically. Otherwise, it will continue to cycle through pain, worry, complaint and loneliness.

The language in your mouth is creating your life. Nothing will happen if there is no criticism or complaint to solve the problem. In the face of situations in life, we all have the ability to choose. Complaining is the cry of immature adults. They want others to solve their own problems. Don't ask anyone to be held responsible for you. You should take full responsibility for your life, no matter when.


No one is sorry for you, everything is what you want. Those who don't respect and hurt you are your best teachers, because they take you to the road of finding yourself, let you learn: there is no disrespect in the world, only self-esteem, self-confidence. No one can disrespect you when you have enough self-esteem and confidence. Do create a person, no matter where, will find the imperfect, unsatisfactory, are not pleasing to the eye, bad thing, no matter who together, will let you down, unhappy, even angry, this is life. But you have to learn patience or change his idea, adjust their own state of mind, look forward to strong song Huai Wan you.

The greatest difference between a happy and a suffering person is not what he experiences, but what he asks himself after he experiences. When you are unhappy, ask yourself 4 questions: what do I want? What do I need to improve? What did I learn? What can I do? You may choose to complain or you can choose to create a situation that determines today and the future. Life is but a time of complacency and disappointment. In the face of all kinds of hardships and disappointments, not confrontation, do not escape, do not complain, change can change, accept can not be changed, so that all the ups and downs in life, have become rich source of their lives.

Human potential is unlimited, you need a step by step to the development of the production process, as the steel shot, only experienced repeated throwing cutting, can become a qualified product, in fact, you can do it, far more than you think.

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