Run more efforts in the steel world, the more fortunate!

No work in the world is not hard,

There is no one without complications.

From today on, smile every day,

In addition to life and death, the world is a small matter.

Since the choice of the industry into the shot, they only trials and hardships.

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No matter what happens to you,

Don't embarrass yourself;

No matter how bad things happen today,

Should not feel sad.

Today is the youngest day for you to come back,

Because there is tomorrow,

Today is always the starting line.

After trying to know:

A lot of things, stick to it, come here.

It's not easy to be alone,

Nothing, spell is strong.

The more the story, the more quiet and simple,

The more shallow, weak people, the more impetuous and uneasy.


Real strong,

No man without tears,

But those who still run with tears.

God will not live up to his efforts,

Always let you into the world of steel, fly freely inside.

A man's life is a madness,

Whether for a person, a love,

A journey, or a dream.

We should dare to carry the burden beyond our expectation,

After trying, you will find,

You are much better than you think.

You have to work very hard,

Talent looks effortless.

So, lay down your impetuosity,

Lay down your laziness,

Put down your three minute heat,

Empty the brain you can't help temptation,

Let go of your eyes that are easily attracted to everything,

Put down what you want to talk about two gossip mouth,

Calm yourself down and do what you ought to do.

Time is ripe and sweat is pouring out,

The result you want comes naturally.

Song Huai pill look better for you!

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