The price depends on the quality of steel grit

Today, Ji'nan shot steel manufacturers to introduce how to judge the quality of steel grit, because the quality of steel grit often determines the price level. Many consumers to choose and grit is not very understanding, below with small shot blasting machine manufacturers together to learn it:


1, first from the perspective of hardness, if weight steel is too soft, clean up the speed will slow down, reducing the work efficiency, the hardness is too high will produce surface morphology is not ideal, will increase the probability of breaking play sand, consumption is too high, the equipment wear is large, it should choose the hardness of steel;

The microstructure of 2 steel grit, is also very important, in effect on the working surface, reduce the fatigue life of energy loss changes in the microstructure must have less brittle carbides, otherwise it will lead to premature rupture of steel to increase its use amount.

The above shot is to explain some grit manufacturers professional technology on weight when choosing grit, hope professional knowledge to help you.

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