Steel grit transport note

The transport of products is an important step in cooperation with customers today, Shandong shotblastin machine manufacturers will introduce the steel grit transportation, because manufacturers transport is one of the most need to solve the problem, here are several matters needing attention in transportation:


1, before transportation, we must take full account of the actual situation of customers;

2, according to the actual situation of the customer's choice is using tons of bags or steel grit tray packaging;

3, if the export weight steel needs to consider the factors and the developed countries ocean tidal fumigation tray;

4, with a truck is the best use of steel grit factory users, so it can avoid the two loading and unloading;

5, prohibit selection with corrosive and sharp objects in a car, preventing damage to the steel in transit;

6, the best is good start before weighing, lest cause unnecessary disputes.

Good transportation will help promote cooperation with customers. Is Shandong shot grit manufacturers must pay attention to link.

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