I wish Happy birthday party song Huaigang pill and congratulations on the return of Hongkong 20th An

Today is the 96th anniversary day of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and also the return of Hongkong 20th anniversary, which is a memorable day for all Chinese people. I wish Happy birthday party China Huaigang pill and congratulations on the return of Hongkong 20th anniversary.

Today, the 96 year old birthday party, for 96 years, a person may be very long; for a country, pronto; for a party that is young. Today, Hongkong's return to the motherland 20th anniversary, July 1, 1997, Hongkong's return to the motherland, I believe many people have witnessed this historic moment, of course, there are a lot of young people, there is no chance to see that on TV, but later heard predecessors told us at the scene, and see the replay, following was the handover of a word, "you can come off sentry duty, our appointment, I wish you May you be safe throughout the journey." At the Sino British handover ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Tan Shanai shouted the words, shaking the world. Linger in our hearts for a long time.

When I was young, Hongkong is like a familiar stranger, he seems very close to me, it seems very far away from me: Jackie Chan, his kung fu on TV is very good, also very funny; TVB, accompany us through childhood; young, told us to come out is mixed by Infernal Affairs, and his brother; sometimes also reminds us to beware of brothers; gamblers, gambling table who did not know what is the next card; westward journey, he also tells us what is love, do not wait to lose in regret; Leslie Cheung, in his MP3 than girls voice is gentle, we love to call him brother; four king. He said that he would like a cup of water to forget him, he said, I love you so much, do you love; Jin Yong, in the book he told us what is Hangxiazhangyi, what is very touching.

Finally, one day we could see him, although it was the first time we met, but it seemed like an old friend who had never seen each other for years, and never knew each other. We walked together for a long time, experienced a financial crisis and the outbreak of SARS, then we will be more and more close, across the mountains and the sea, across the mountains and the sea, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed railway, running away to the future. Right now, he's really close. Across the mountains and the sea, we are meant to be together.

July 1st, the day of home,

On July 1st, the day of the homing.

The morning of July 1st,

The sun rises in the east.

July 1st morning,

The bells of the new century ring.

July 1st is no longer a hot summer day,

That day tells the story of spring.

After July 1st, we were no longer humiliated,

We will walk into the next century with a proud smile.

The dragon is about to take off,

The great ship has sailed,

The dawn of twenty-first Century, rising in the East horizon.

Wipe away the dust from the Pearl for 1.5 centuries,

Hold a bunch of bauhinia,

Stand in our port to meet your homing!

Bless Hongkong!

Go China!

Now China up, can not the slaughter of the era, the Song Wan Huaigang proud of the motherland, for the motherland's rise to contribute to a force, as a force for Chinese GDP.

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