Why should first pay a deposit purchase shot?

Advance payment on order,

No, we don't trust you!


Because the customer is choosing the product,

Deposit can be more determined to buy their own products,

So as not to cause unnecessary doubts and troubles!

If it's an order without a deposit,

Customers may be allowed to make other choices because of other people's opinions,

What brought us was the loss!

For you, my business is unstable!

A down payment will make the business an agreement,

If it's just one word for you:

It's OK. You can send the goods first! I'll give you the money when the goods are ready!


We really can't do this kind of business,

Because of a single business,

Maybe we earned you hundreds of dollars at the most,

But transportation, risk, cost, labor cost,

Is the need for thousands or tens of thousands of yuan of loaning.


You are a client,

We can barely afford it...

We do business,

If everyone had this kind of request,

We'll go bankrupt sooner or later!

We are not banks after all,

You can also pay interest on the money you owe.

If it's a big order,

So much money that you can't take back,

I'm afraid we're going to be killed!

So, customers, friends,

When you decide to order the shot, please in order,

Deposit first, please!

And understand our difficulties!

We are sure to provide you with the best service!

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