Song Huai grit: because of the outstanding, so popular

The scope of steel is very wide, whether large or medium-sized and even small castings can be used, use general oxidation removal of rust and related surface treatment. To use such a wide range of grit, is also due to some unique characteristics and characteristics of steel is closely related. So what are the unique characteristics of the grit.

Grit features: moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, can use repeatedly for several times, long service life, good elasticity, strong adhesion, fast clean sand with low consumption, not easily broken, cleaning the workpiece brightness, good technical effect, after the product processing of the surface cleanliness of the metals can be up to International standards. The surface roughness of 25--150um, thereby increasing the contact surface of the metal surface, improve the coated surface adhesion, to refine the metal surface strengthening metal structure, has very significant economic benefits, is the quality of cleaning spray materials at home and abroad the most advanced, the most ideal polishing, cleaning and strengthening of.

In fact, a thing can be very practical and can be widely used, because it has every feature and characteristics can be recognized by people. Such as steel, the hardness of the first characteristics is very practical. As a clean oxidation tool, it is necessary to effectively clean up the rust and traces of the oxidation left on the workpiece, but not to damage the surface and appearance of the workpiece. This requires cleaning tools must be moderate hardness, so this alone, song Huai grit have been applied and recognized by users.

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