Shandong steel grit packing

The essential development of steel grit in the life of many industries, Shandong song Huai metal products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of steel grit, today we will try to understand the way of packing steel grit in Shandong.

Steel is a kind of abrasive grit is often used in packaging, there are some requirements is the need to follow the talent, as a professional manufacturer, to introduce below:


1, should be used in plastic bags, woven bags lined with plastic bag, drum;

2, each package should have a sign, indicating the commodity name, specifications, weight, production units;

A certificate of quality should be 3, steel grit packaging,

It must include: name, specifications and quantity, supplier name or logo, the unit name, contract number, standard number, chemical composition of the test results, the quality management department, responsible person, inspector, confirm delivery date, production date, net weight.

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