Process of shot blasting treatment

Sandblasting (shot) - is the use of compressed air as power will be 40~120 in diameter to about 0.1~2.0 steel grit or sprayed to the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece to achieve the same effect. With different sizes, the treatment effect is not the same. The shot peening can also play a role in strengthening the domestic equipment now. Into a misunderstanding, think only in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening the shot.

Companies in the United States and Japan are using shot peening to strengthen it. Each has its advantages. Such as the workpiece gear, blasting a pill angle can not be changed, with frequency change speed. But it can only deal with large volume, speed, and shot peening is in contrast, the effect of no shot blasting effect is good. Sand blasting is a method to clean the surface of a part by using the compressed air to blow out the quartz sand at high speed. The factory also known as blowing sand, not only to rust, but also incidentally degreasing, painting is very useful. Commonly used in surface rust; in steel structure, application of high-strength bolt connection is a more advanced method, because of high strength connection is using a combination of surface friction between the transmission of force, so the combination of surface quality requirement is very high, then we must combine treatment on the surface of the used sand.


After blasting, the surface contamination of the workpiece is removed, and the surface of the workpiece is destroyed slightly, and the surface area increases greatly, thus increasing the bonding strength between the workpiece and coating / coating. After the surface of the workpiece of sandblasting for metal color, but because the surface is rough surface, light is reflected off, there is no metallic luster, for dark surface.

After shot peening, the surface dirt of the workpiece is removed, and the surface of the workpiece is not damaged by a trace, and the surface area increases. Because the surface of the workpiece is not damaged during the processing, the excess energy produced during processing will lead to the strengthening of the surface of the workpiece matrix.

After blasting sand blasting process, the surface of the workpiece is also metal color, but because the surface is spherical surface, the light part is refracted out, so the workpiece is processed into Matt effect.

The general process of workpiece shot blasting strengthening must be:


Determination of 1 kinds, and shot blasting equipment

2. Determine the type of shot peening machine according to the yield and variety of parts

3, parts of non shot peening parts should be used in advance or other protective measures to protect.

4, according to the size, shape, tensile strength, hardness and surface photometry to determine steel materials and dimensions.

5, shot must be spherical (avoid angular), the specified number of specifications of steel steel should be accounted for more than 80% of the total. Should the quality inspection of steel.

The above information is song Huai Steel manufacturers to explain some simple process, we hope to bring help.

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