Application background of shot blasting technology

Shot blasting cleaning and mechanical cleaning belong to the category of shot peening, the former uses the high-speed rotation of the impeller (polishing head) the abrasive particles get enough to clean up the surface of the workpiece to the kinetic energy, and the latter is relying on the high-speed flow of compressed air to make abrasive obtain very high speed, in order to achieve on the surface of workpiece cleaning or processing.

Shot blasting technology has been in the practical stage since 1932. It is several decades later than shot peening technology, but because of its high work efficiency, it has been developing very fast and has been widely used.

The surface treatment of steel structure is one of the most important applications of shot blasting. The use of shot blasting to clean steel structures dates back to 1940s. Steel structures in large construction projects began to be cleaned with shot blasting before painting. From the twentieth Century to the middle of 50s, the raw materials such as steel plate and profiled steel and complicated steel structures began to be treated by shot blasting before surface treatment. The throwing head and other different mechanical equipment are combined to form a production line or a flow line, so that the surface pretreatment and coating operation can be done continuously and continuously, and the production efficiency is quite high. Shot blasting machine or shot blasting production line is an indispensable means of production in most steel structural factories.

Shot blasting technology is not only used for surface cleaning of steel structure parts, but also widely used for surface roughening, deburring, fading, leakage and texturing of materials. The main objects cleaned by shot blasting are machine parts, castings, forgings, coils, steel, steel, steel structures, rubber and plastic parts, stone and sound absorption plates, etc.. Due to the pressure of environmental protection and ecological protection as well as the high cost of the clean-up, every year there are many originally handled by other methods to deal with blasting to the workpiece, the scope of application of blasting technology continues to expand.

In a long period of time, the shot blasting machine works in the fixed position of the factory. Now, the mobile shot blasting machine has been widely used in many industries and in many occasions. For example, tanks, ships, apron, highway are mobile shot blasting machine to give full play to its advantages in the field, not only the working efficiency is high, and there is no air pollution, does not interfere with other personnel carry out other operations in the vicinity of the cleaning point.

Compared with shot peening, shot blasting can save time and energy, save energy and save abrasive. Shot blasting can also achieve automatic production, cleaning effect is better, better operating environment. Shandong song Huai specializing in the production of steel grit blasting machine, shot blasting treatment expert you do so is our pursuit!

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