How to improve the strength and fatigue strength of components

According to the modern theory of metal strength, increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is the main direction to increase the strength of metal. Practice has proved that shot peening is an effective industrial method to increase the metal dislocation structure. These metals can not be hardened by phase change hardness (such as martensite quenching, etc.) or on the basis of phase change hardening. It is of great importance to further strengthen the workpiece. The aerospace industry, automobile, tractor spare parts requirements to light, but the reliability of the increasingly high demand, the important technological measure is the use of shot blast to improve the structural strength and fatigue strength, technological measures in this area include:

The shot blasting strengthening method, first used in the spring and other parts, these parts after various heat treatment process, still can not meet the requirements of the load on the workpiece, in this case, and then throw the shot peening can get significant results, experiments show that the high speed engine valve spring fatigue life by throwing exercise. Shot peening can be increased from one hundred thousand to millions of times; the main load spring car by throwing shot peening can improve the fatigue strength. Nowadays, the high load springs in mechanical are all shot shot peening to further improve the fatigue life.

Nowadays, more and more components and workpieces of shot peening are used in machinery. The structure of the workpiece size limit strictly, after heat treatment to meet the mechanical properties of materials of automobile and tractor engine connecting rod, in the operation still can not guarantee that the fatigue life is higher than the whole life of the engine, so the engine due to fatigue failure caused by the failure of the connecting rod when the accident occurred. Shot peening of connecting rod has become an indispensable process in the automobile, tractor and engine manufacturing industry. Shot peening is also the most effective and economical method to improve the fatigue strength of gears. These applications are also used in aviation, aerospace industry, such as lifting support, propeller and other key components of shot peening.

Shot peening technology is in the ascendant, and its application is expanding with the development of industrial technology. The development of shot blasting technology has greatly promoted the development of industry in this century, and will make greater contribution to the future industrial development. Shandong song Huai is willing to join hands with you to create a better future.

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