What is a good shot

Now more and more manufacturers to produce steel grit, quality is uneven, many dealers inevitably lost, so to buy a good shot steel not only saves time and effort, will save a lot of trouble.

Shandong song pill as production tycoon Huaigang steel, reputation in the industry has been among the best, the annual sales has been first in the world. Here is the Shandong song Huai Xiaobian several characteristics of simple steel grit to do the following summary, specific to Shandong song Huai Steel Grit production process according to the GB specific explanation, I hope to help you.

High quality steel grit standard can be more kinetic energy to the workpiece surface, effectively play the role of cleaning and strengthening, with enough long fatigue life, reduce the use of consumption. We have done very well in that. So we song Huai Huai Steel Grit Shandong song Xiao Bian summed up the following points.

First, moderate chemical composition

In many years of production experience, Shandong song Huai Xiao Bian summarizes some rules -- chemical composition is an indicator of the most basic steel shot and steel grit, it will determine the microstructure of steel shot and steel grit and behind the effect of heat treatment. The provisions of high carbon cast steel shot, cast steel sand national standard: carbon (C) content: 0.85-1.20%; silicon (Si) content: = 0.40; manganese (Mn) content: 0.35-1.20% (S); sulfur content is less than 0.05%; P (P) content: less than 0.05%. Shandong song Huai Xiaobian tell you quietly: silicon and manganese can improve the strength and hardness of steel, to some as high as possible (not less than 0.7% is the best), the content of song pills are in Huaigang steel best above the standard test report, specific reference steel grit batch. Sulfur and phosphorus are the harmful elements, easy to make the steel brittle, leading to premature rupture should be as low as possible (by < 0.03% is the best).

Two, hardness appropriate

If the steel shot or grit is too soft, will make up rate, reduce work efficiency. Shot peening, too soft steel can not produce suitable residual stress, low hardness pills may not force by increasing the impact of time compensation. The hardness is too high, will produce the surface morphology is not ideal, increase the probability of breaking the projectile, the consumption is too high, and the larger wear equipment, will increase the cost of equipment maintenance, so the appropriate hardness is also very important, which is why the non-standard steel grit broken rate of relatively high.

Three, resist deformation, increase the amount of use

Song Huai Steel (sand) can resist deformation microstructure, in effect on the working surface, can reduce energy loss and increase the fatigue life. In addition, our production process will reduce the brittle carbides, resisting steel (sand) premature rupture, increase usage.

Four, less defective particles

Steel shot (sand) must be as little as possible with physical defects will cause the rupture of the abrasive. Because of the production process using the sake shot (sand) there will always be such a physical defect. Therefore, in the production process, there is a corresponding process to control, reducing the proportion of defective particles.

Five, the most economical material

The fatigue life is shot (sand) acting on the work surface to resist breaking ability. A fatigue life of the abrasive will become the most economical abrasive, song will take appropriate Huaigang pill to clean energy to it, no matter what applications, quality of song Huai steel shot and steel grit is the key to effective operation, can effectively transform the energy in the process of using, to clean up and strengthen the role of


Shandong song Huai with years of production experience, comprehensive collation of the above points. Combining advantages, disadvantages disadvantages. And the realization of the automatic production line, the company has a professional research team and strong R &amp; D strength, continue to meet the high-end customers on the product surface treatment effect and improve the working efficiency of the requirements, and the steel / sand mining and the depth of the market and research, has a capacity of senior. According to the recent sales transactions, it is the first in the country, Li Song Huai steel shot, steel strength, become the first brand Chinese steel gb.

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