Dust bag installation steps: good shot Shandong decomposition

1. hand grip dust bag dust bag opening end and keep the rest of fold, and dust bag folded into the cuff in part through the flowers plate. After the dust bag folding part is opened under the flower board, the top of the dust bag is released, and the groove shaped cushion spring is arranged on the sleeve on the flower board.

2. let the dust bag itself slowly fixed position, so that the metal ring from the dust bag top pull out sleeve. Fit the sleeve in the flower plate hole.

3., with both hands firmly grasp the groove pad spring (no need to dust cloth bag pull up), both hands to the spring ring in the pressure, make it into "C" shape. While retaining the spring ring as "C", place the raised side of the grooved spring to the nearest flower plate hole. Holding one of the raised, "C" - shaped spring loops, the other hand holds the raised "C" shape on the edge of the flower plate.

4. place one side of the raised C spring ring at one side, while the other slowly stretches the other side of the spring ring. Insert the groove of the spring ring into the flower plate hole.

5. if when the spring ring is fully extended when not to hear "bang" sound, with a hand finger ring to the spring plate inside the mouth side push, the spring ring groove is embedded inside the hole of the pattern board.

6., in general, it is possible to hear the "bang" sound, otherwise the spring ring is then bent from another position into a "C" shape. Lift the spring ring higher than the flower plate and repeat the installation steps above.

7. install the dust bag frame into the dust bag. When installed, must pay attention to slow into the dust bag frame, if the resistance is large, it shall go back, then gently down, if still greater resistance, repeated operation, until it can easily put down. Dust proof cloth bag for preventing frame corner and edge scratching! Do not make frames impact dust bags!

8. make sure the dust bag gasket is well sealed with the flower panel hole.

9. install dust bags, frame locators or fastening components, and make sure the dust bag / dust bag frame gasket works at the right pressure.

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