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Shot blasting machine parts


    • Sand blasting room

      Sand blasting room

      The whole sand blasting room consists of sand blasting studio, sandblasting system, abrasive recovery system, dust removal system, workpiece delivery system (customer owned), lighting systems, control systems, lifting doors and other parts.
    • High efficiency shot blasting machine

      High efficiency shot blasting m

      This series is suitable for cleaning of steel, copper, steel structure, construction machinery and other large welded structure, get rid of the rust layer on the surface of the skin, welding slag and oxidation, eliminating the internal resi
    • A duster

      A duster

      1. principles With the efficient function of dust removal by bag filter, dust and recovery of gas and dust can be removed by filtration. The dust remover is composed of a casing, an ash bucket, ash discharging device, bracket, pulse cleanin
    • Shot blasting machine parts1

      Shot blasting machine parts1

      Shandong song Huai metal products Co. Ltd. using silica sol and water glass composite lost wax casting process, and the shot blasting machine fittings materials using high chromium cast iron, and the trace elements Cr, Mn, carbide wear resi
    • Shot blasting machine parts
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