To solve by sweat at work, don't use tears, song Huai Steel

Into the society, in order to survive, we must face the work, and sometimes may work overtime, may be subject to some grievances, but can solve things with sweat, do not use tears. The song tells you a pill Huaigang case: "when the problem is not in you, you also only to find a person to go back to work overtime, why don't you tell the boss clearly?" "What do you mean?" A nose, a tear of grievances, their own grievances, how hard, for others to mend the hole?" She smiled, "I believe he is not blind, these things should also see clearly, can solve things with sweat, I do not want to rely on tears."."

This is a smart woman, she knows everyone's life, do not need to face some need to prove yourself for a moment, questioning or provocation or are unavoidable contradictions, but also to prove himself in one of two ways, you can cry poor play, also can rely on their own strength and the ability to solve the problem.


Obviously, she chose the latter, when people encounter misunderstanding, the first reaction is often argued, but if we really want to prove themselves, also need to pay hard work. Tears may bring about superficial peace and momentary sympathy, but then what? Where can someone live through compassion and understanding?. Life is so, doing business is like this, we are with the song Huaigang pill with sweat to fix things with the tears never creed to walk in front of metal abrasive industry.

Only your efforts and your achievements can prove who you are, and can help you open your world while breaking through misunderstandings. Don't put your life trapped in the misunderstanding of others, only the sweat hard to make you into a new pattern, solve the misunderstanding often is the first step, more important is to solve the problem, things forward, and how to make your ability to stand in others and strength.

Look further afield, give yourself higher goals and greater patterns, and solve them by sweat. Don't just shed tears. Song Huai Steel pill since its inception, has been suffering from others' suspicion, but we never give up, do not be discouraged, with sweat to cast now Song Huai brand, in the steel grit farther down the road.

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